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The rental market in East Lansing can be daunting at times, which is why it’s important to be prepared when looking for a house or apartment that best suits your needs.

Three real estate agents in the area offered advice on the best ways to save money while looking for your next residence.


Location will always dictate price, Hagan Realty agent Matt Hagan said. If you live close to Grand River Avenue, downtown, Grove Street or Charles Street, prices will be higher. As you get further from campus, such as near Lexington Avenue, you will find more affordable rent.

Brian Hagan, another agent with Hagan Realty, advised house hunters to not get hung up on a specific street or house and do your research. Being open to looking one block over or one block back might save you $25 a month and you may find the layout or amenities more appealing, he said.

 “Affordability is, in our mind, not just the price but it’s what you get for that price,” Brian Hagan said.

Matt Hagan recommends looking at the Burcham area, which is further from Grand River Avenue but still close enough to campus where someone can walk or ride their bike.