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Do real estate TikTok ads work? How do you advertise on this popular social platform to drive leads and potential sales? Let’s take a look at some of the particularities that differentiate TikTok from other social media networks.

TikTok Demographics

TikTok is a social media platform preferred mainly by young people – or Generation Z – this means users aged between 10 and 29. They accounted for about 47.4% of the network’s overall user database in the USA in March 2021. But, of course, the percentage of users in their 20s who would buy a home is low. Still, there are enough interested in rentals, so real estate professionals in this niche can use TikTok to reach them. 

The rest of TikTok’s users – about 43% – are aged 30 and older, according to Statista, and they are the right demographic of real estate buyers.