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Staggering Growth Rate Gives Company Springboard for Name Change;

Expected to Raise Awareness in the Real Estate Industry, Where Headshots Are Vital 

LOS ANGELES (November 28, 2022) –When your company experiences an astounding 1,000% YOY growth rate, you’ve got to be doing something more than just leading the market. You’re positively crushing it.

That’s what Heroic Headshots, the leader in headshots for remote and in-person professionals, achieved in 2022. With such meteoric growth in a short timeframe (the company was founded in 2020), it was time for a change that highlights the company’s total market dominance.

That dominance is reflected in the company’s new name: According to John Ledoux, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, the name is unquestionably bold, given the unmistakable message it conveys to the rest of the industry.

“Heroic Headshots has been a great name for us,” he explained. “It hinted at how the person responsible for handling executive or employee headshots could use us to get all their portraits done quickly and cost-effectively. We would essentially make them heroes.

“While we still do that, reflects something more. It announces our rapidly expanding market presence. Let’s face it, when you take on the name of your industry as your new company name, you’re telling the world that you are the market.”

It’s been an unusually swift rise to the top. Heroic Headshots was founded by Jason Dixson, a successful, independent corporate headshot and event photographer operating out of Washington D.C. since 2010. As his clients hired more remote employees early in the pandemic, Dixson addressed their needs by developing a streamlined process for guided user-generated photos with post-production edits that made the headshots of remote teams consistent with those of their in-person teams.

As the pandemic dragged on, demand for the company’s fully managed headshot solution exploded – so much so that companies like Capital One, PwC, Uber, Zillow, and Pfizer began using their services to organize and capture consistent professional portraits for teams across the globe. Ledoux also pointed out that the company’s services are especially well-suited to real estate companies, where executive and individual headshots need to be taken constantly.

The procedure begins with a simple photo that customers take using their cell phone, which they then upload from the standard camera app. From there, integrates self-headshot capture with a three-stage production process, yielding a studio-quality headshot anytime, anywhere. Custom backgrounds, unique team specs, and the ability to request revisions ensure that every headshot represents the individual or brand in the best way possible, while creating a consistent, professional look regardless of the number of headshots.

“For real estate companies struggling to bridge the geographic and professional image gap, our service makes organizing and capturing consistent, studio-quality headshots at scale effortless,” said Dixson. “Our process uses technology to take the complexity out of organizing remote and hybrid employees, while our team of production managers, editors, and support staff ensure every customer receives personalized attention and a headshot that is hand-retouched and edited to perfection.”

Dixson attributes the company’s success – and astonishing growth – to its people. “It’s been our mission since day one to build a team of problem solvers,” he stated. “Everything about our business is designed to make this process simple and easy. We’ve taken lessons from the traditional way of making headshots using brick and mortar photographers and adapted them to the recent leaps in work culture with the shift toward remote work.

“So many companies are trying to force software onto the world, but we feel software neglects what people really want from our industry: the human touch.”

With so many employees still working remotely, along with the increased understanding of the impact a professional headshot creates, it’s highly likely that will continue to earn its new name – and its spot at the top of the industry.


Founded in 2020, (formerly Heroic Headshots) is the market leader in producing headshots for remote and in-person professionals. Its unique three-stage production process, combined with self-headshot capture, yields a studio-quality headshot anytime, anywhere. What’s more, the company manages the entire process for the ultimate in customer convenience. The company boasts a client list that includes household names like Capital One, PwC, Uber, Zillow, and Pfizer, but also caters to individuals looking for high-quality, professionally retouched headshots. To learn more about professional headshots solutions for companies, individuals, schools, events, and more, visit