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When you are someone that is looking to purchase a piece of real estate, each decision you make is an important one. Finding the right REALTOR® to help you make the best decision is an important 1st step in the process of deciding whether renting or buying property is the best move for you. Although the choice may seem simple, there are pros and cons to each one that you should consider before making your final decision. 


Renting property is a great way to still find housing and engulf yourself within a community of people without taking on the responsibility that ownership entails. If you are looking for something temporary or for something that you don’t feel tied down to, then renting may be the option to go with. A benefit to renting is the flexibility for you to be able to move if necessary.  Additionally, if you are new to the area, renting allows you time to learn the community prior to making a purchasing decision.  For example, if your career has high job transfer or you travel frequently or you want to learn where certain community or health services are located, renting is a fantastic option.