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Zillow Group (NASDAQ: Z, ZG) has added a search by school feature to the Zillow app that enables users to locate properties within specific school attendance zones or districts.

The search by school feature can be accessed through the Zillow search bar and offers auto-complete suggestions for relevant schools and school districts based on the user’s search history. The feature is currently available on Zillow’s iOS mobile app and will launch on Android platforms by the end of the year and on the web in 2024.

Zillow is also introducing instant and daily alerts about new for-sale or for-rent homes within specific school attendance zones or school districts.

“Nearly one-third of home shoppers have children younger than 18, making ‘search by school’ an important feature on the Zillow app,” said Nicholas Stevens, vice president of product at Zillow. “We understand the perfect home often extends beyond the property itself, and this feature makes it easy for shoppers to explore homes for sale or for rent in their desired school districts.”