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Just a few weeks after the company launched a multi-million dollar consumer advertising campaign in Utah, SRE Technologies Inc., developer of an online destination designed to save home loan borrowers money by connecting them with select mortgage originators, announced that it will expand its efforts to promote the company’s consumer-facing home ownership website in San Diego. The company has committed $500,000 per quarter to advertise the site on radio, television and digital media.


“As we roll out our site to consumers across the country, California is an important real estate market for us and San Diego is a great place to start,” said John G. Stevens, President of SRE Technologies. “Like home buyers everywhere, San Diego residents want to shop for a home through the Internet, but they also want that human touch. We call it Human Assisted eCommerce. They will find this when they connect with an SRE Professional Expert through our online portal.”


Home to 1.4 million people, San Diego boasts 100 neighborhoods. With a median home price of $605 per square foot, homes range in price from $550,000 to $2.4 million. Year round good weather, an outdoor and fitness culture, great universities and relatively low cost of living make San Diego one of California’s most active real estate markets.


Unlike other portals that focus on the data moving through the technological systems that power the industry, SRE’s website offers a human component to empower consumers to seek out the support they need and make choices based on the actual experience of their peers.


SRE Professional Experts (SPEs) are licensed real estate agents with a profile on the site, mortgage professionals with a valid license and profile on the site or professionals licensed as both with a profile on the site.’s social marketplace connects consumers with SRE SPEs from the mortgage and real estate industries. Consumers can locate, vet, rate, and review professionals and choose a trusted advisor to guide them through the real estate buying, selling or financing process. Mortgage originators and real estate agents use the marketplace to collect consumer ratings and reviews and present themselves as SRE Professional Experts.


“We are very excited to be announcing our online destination to homeowners in San Diego,” Stevens said. “Visitors to our site in Utah are already generating new mortgage leads every day for SRE Professional Experts who have completed their free profiles on the site. We expect to do even better in San Diego.”

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