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Industry technology firm is recognized by attendees of a global finance conference.

TORRANCE, CA–May 20, 2022–SRE Technologies Inc., developer of an online destination designed to save home loan borrowers money by connecting them with select mortgage originators, announced today that the company has been recognized by the Money 2.0 Conference with a Best Companies Award. The award was presented to company President John G. Stevens at the 2022 Money 2.0 Conference, which took place in Dubai in March and Las Vegas in April.

“It’s an honor to receive this award on behalf of SRE Technologies,” Stevens said. “This was an excellent conference that put us in touch with a great many industry professionals who not only clearly saw the value proposition we offer but also were ready to take the next step and complete their free profiles so they could start benefiting from the millions of dollars in consumer-facing advertising we’re currently doing.”

The award is presented to select companies working in the insurance and financial services businesses who are recognized for their contributions to the industry. The conference provides a networking opportunity for the sharing of industry knowledge between the elite executives working at these companies.

According to the conference planners, the awardees are exemplary individuals and brands who have always been proactive at leveraging digital tools, optimizing their business operations, and driving creative innovations in the insurance, banking, and finance arenas.

“The insurance & financial services industry is one of the major drivers of the world’s economy. While the former brings financial stability to millions of individuals and companies, the resilience of the latter helps raise the standard of living of global communities while driving the growth of organizations,” the conference planners said about their award. “We, at the Money 2.0 Conference, plan to take this opportunity to spotlight the groundbreaking work of these visionaries.”

Unlike other portals that focus on the data moving through the technological systems that power the industry, SRE’s website offers a human component to empower consumers to seek out the support they need and make choices based on the actual experience of their peers.

SRE Professional Experts (SPEs) are mortgage professionals with a valid license and profile on the site, licensed real estate agents with a profile on the site or professionals licensed as both with a profile on the site.’s social marketplace connects consumers with SRE SPEs from the mortgage and real estate industries. Consumers can locate, vet, rate, and review professionals and choose a trusted advisor to guide them through the real estate buying, selling or financing process. Mortgage originators and real estate agents use the marketplace to collect consumer ratings and reviews and present themselves as SRE Professional Experts.

About Money 2.0 Conference

The Money 2.0 Conference aims to give an in-depth view of the emerging financial markets, enterprise risk management strategies, blockchain-based transactions, and trends in the world of post-pandemic FinTech.

ABOUT SRE Technologies, Inc.

SRE technologies, Inc. is a global technology provider focused on creating online destinations that provide consumers with safe online spaces to discover, evaluate, purchase and review the products and services they need to live happier and more fulfilled lives. With an emphasis on human-assisted eCommerce, the company provides a technological platform that provides the social marketplace where consumers and industry professionals can meet and conduct business. The result is that, for the first time, consumers are in control of their most significant investment, their homes. To find out more, visit the company online at