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While the world has moved on from the Covid-19 pandemic, the global workplace has yet to fully resume its pre-pandemic status – especially in office properties.

A new survey by Unispace of 9,500 employees and 6,650 employers from 17 countries found that only half of the global workforce are in the office four or more days per week. While today’s employees are less reluctant to return to the office (51%) than they were in 2021 (64%), many employers are not eager for a hybrid arrangement – 72% of companies globally that said they have mandated office returns. However, 42% also reported a higher level of employee attrition than anticipated and 29% are struggling to recruit altogether.

“Employee work habits continue to evolve as we all adapt in today’s rapidly changing work environment,” said Steve Quick, Unispace Global CEO. “Employers who take the time to understand what their employees need and value most from their office will be more successful in redefining the power and purpose of that workspace. This will drive strength of culture, brand, employee loyalty and wellbeing, and talent retention.”