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Not everyone wants to own a home of their own. Those of us who have always owned rather than rented understand the challenges faced in ownership, whether you’re in a single-family home or a condo. I know the feeling; there have been many days when I wished I didn’t have the responsibility of home ownership, and an interesting concept floating around the country may be right up my alley.

There are high-end rental communities being built by top single-home builders catering to individuals who do not feel they need to buy a home. This trend is increasing and appealing to a variety of people ranging from young professionals who have not been able to fight their way into the housing market to empty-nesters who are taking their equity and opting for a turn-key lifestyle.

These “build-to-rent” single-home communities are designed exclusively for rentals with high-end finishes and amenities that are geared to appeal to the luxury market. Rents in the $2,500 to $3,000 range can make sense for people with good incomes who may not be worried about accruing wealth in their homes. It’s kind of the perfect arrangement for seniors who aren’t dependent upon building equity and want a fresh high-end home to live in.