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Dadvan Yousuf, a Bitcoin investor, has resigned from Dohrnii Project to launch his new company, Blockchain Circle.  Yousuf decided to step away from the company he founded to pursue his new passion for democratizing the real estate investment industry by representing Bitcoin as a technology and asset class.


According to Yousuf, Blockchain Circle aims to provide blockchain and crypto-related services to businesses and individuals, including consulting, development, and education. “Blockchain Circle will provide innovative solutions to help businesses and individuals benefit from the power of blockchain technology,” Yousuf said in a statement. 


Yousuf plans to utilize his knowledge and expertise in the crypto market to introduce innovative solutions for real estate investment. He aims to make real estate investment accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status or location, by creating a new marketplace that connects property owners with potential investors using blockchain technology. According to Yousuh, using smart contracts and other blockchain-based solutions will ensure transparency, security, and efficiency.


In his statement, Yousuf cited his over-involvement in managing Dohrnii as the reason for his resignation, stating that it had led to him losing sight of his vision for the platform. Yousuf expressed his hope that his resignation will allow Dohrnii to continue its mission of educating the public about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the future of finance.