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Many brokers are technically savvy but don’t have the personal touch that is so critical for dealing with people. We are all different but we can all benefit from deepening our knowledge and developing our skills through self-education and reading.

For some, it makes sense to continue formal education, but for most professionals already working a full-time job or running a business, reading is an inexpensive and simple way to develop oneself. If you’re not much of a reader, I recommend that you begin by reading books that interest you. Forcing yourself to read a book that doesn’t appeal to you will make it more difficult to embrace reading as a daily practice. It’s easier to develop the habit of reading consistently when you’re enthusiastic about your book choice. You can start with smaller books, of which there is no shortage in the business and personal development genres. These authors know that professionals are short on time, so a great book doesn’t have to be a long book.