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​Ellen DeGeneres has had a few tough years that have culminated in her finalizing her decision to finally retire from the Ellen show. However, these struggles have not slowed Ellen down in other areas of her life, least of all her real estate investments.

Ellen and her wife, Portia De Rossi, are two of Hollywood’s most notorious real estate owners and investors. While many other celebrities hold on to their mansions, Ellen has become somewhat of a real estate tycoon with her constant flipping of houses. This real estate strategy is now fast becoming Hollywood’s favorite investment.

In one of their most profitable ventures, Ellen and Portia purchased the Brody House for $40 million and, after some significant restructuring, were able to sell it for a whopping $15 million profit in a transaction that Annetta Powell, the author of Finding, Fixing & Flipping Properties and CEO of Infinity Properties Group, describes as a textbook case of amazing flipping.