Share this article!, the online authority for hydroponics, gardening advice, product reviews, DIY, and design ideas, has published findings from a survey that examines the effects of landscape quality on housing prices. Research experts analyzed responses from 1,250 currently licensed real estate agents.

According to the study, 78 percent of real estate agents say poor landscaping and hardscaping can negatively affect the value of a home. Forty-three percent of real estate agents believe that poor landscaping has a significant impact on a home’s value, and 35 percent say it can “somewhat” affect what a home is worth.

Overall, there is seemingly a lack of consensus on how much shoddy landscaping can decrease a home’s value. Twenty-four percent of realtors say property value will drop by 10 percent, 22 percent of them say a home will lose 20 percent of its value, and 18 percent of agents agree that the value will drop by 30 percent or more due to lackluster landscaping. Additionally, 1 in 5 real estate agents say having a healthy tree in the front yard of a home can increase the value by 30 percent.