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Throughout my career, I’ve had many complicated and challenging listings. I take great pride in the fact that, no matter what, I always close my deals and maintain my 100% Success Rate of selling each and every listing that I bring to market. Rest assured, however, none of them are ever easy. And none are more difficult than divorce sales. Whether I’m selling the property before, during or after the divorce has been finalized, it’s extremely rare to work with a separating couple who’s on good terms, or even agreeable, with one another.

Wise real estate brokers look for clients who need to sell more so than those who simply want to sell. While members of the latter group may ultimately turn out to be motivated sellers, those needing to sell are always highly motivated and therefore most desirable. I’ve personally had great success selling estate-owned properties for that very reason. When someone inherits a house or is directed to sell by a will or court order, they’re obviously highly motivated. Conversely, someone who would like to sell may change their mind at any time and for any reason. Divorce sales are usually ordered by a judge or negotiated by the people’s respective attorneys outside of court. While estate sales sometimes come with feuding parties and a degree of complication, divorce sales almost always bring contention and a great deal of complications to the broker’s table.