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Unity Environmental University in Maine has put one of its campuses up for sale.

The 225-acre location in Unity, Maine, is the secondary teaching location for the school, which has a main campus in New Gloucester, Maine. The school cited its shift to remote and low-residence education for the property’s sale.

“The university is bucking the trend of distress in higher education in a remarkable way,” noted Emilio Amendola, co-President of A&G Real Estate Partners and head of the New York-based firm’s real estate sales division, which is marketing the property. “It is operating in the black, launching new degree programs, and has grown from 600 to more than 7,500 students in just a few years, with projections of 10,000 students by 2025. This summer, it welcomed about 1,000 new full-time students—its largest-ever incoming class.”

The property features nine residence halls, a heritage livestock barn, a student-activities building, classrooms, laboratories, dining halls, an arts center, a public library, a soccer field and cross-country trails. The property also includes green energy features, such as an off-the-grid house with solar panels and a dorm that runs on biomass.

“The presence of multiple cafeterias, in addition to those residences, means this property is a strong fit for high-quality senior housing,” added Amendola. “The bucolic setting makes it the perfect place for a camp, spiritual retreat or recreational center, and the high-speed Internet access and well-equipped science labs also offer the possibility of a remote research facility – it’s quite a mix. This property has a full complement of equipment and public safety facilities. By acquiring these assets in addition to the real estate, a school could be up and running with up to 600 students very quickly.”