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The number crunchers at the personal finance website WalletHub have come up with another survey, this time ranking which states have the best and worst livability aspects.

For WalletHub’s 2023’s Best States to Live In, the company compared the 50 states across 51 key indicators ranging from housing costs and income growth to the education rate, crime levels and the quality of hospitals. According to this data analysis, Massachusetts ranked as the best state to live in, followed in the top 10 by New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Wyoming, Florida, Virginia, Idaho, Wisconsin and Minnesota. At the other end of the spectrum, the Land of Enchantment failed to enchant the WalletHub team as New Mexico placed dead last on the livability list.

Within the key indicators used for the survey, Iowa had the lowest housing costs while California was the most expensive state for residents. West Virginia had the highest homeownership rate and New York had the lowest. New Hampshire had the lowest percentage of people living in poverty while Mississippi had the highest. And Utah had the lowest average of weekly work hours while Alaska had the highest.