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An analysis of 200 of the largest metro areas in the US shows the health of the housing market across the country amid a backdrop of intense competition and dwindling housing availability.

Today’s Homeowner reached out to Mortgage Professional America to detail its findings. Among the key takeaways:

  • Housing availability nationally is just now beginning to rise to pre-pandemic levels, currently sitting at a 3.2-month supply of homes as compared to 2021’s 1.4 months and 2022’s 2.0 months.
  • Over the past year, housing inventory has increased in 190 of the 200 largest metro areas.
  • Using current months of housing inventory as a point of reference, only three markets favor buyers.
  • After an influx of home buyers and suppressed inventory in Texas, several metro areas in the Lone Star state are seeing significant upticks in available housing inventory. Waco, Laredo, and San Antonio all rank in the top five places where housing inventory is increasing the most.