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The real estate marketplace Xome has created a game which allows users to learn and experience the thrill of online real estate auctions.

The Xome Auction Simulator enables novice investors to become more comfortable with the process of finding and evaluating properties and participating in real-world auctions, all in a fun environment with no real-world financial risk. In the game, users explore a virtual city called Auctionland which is modeled on actual property data from cities across the nation to simulate scenarios that investors may encounter while engaging in online real estate auctions.

In this game, users can search for and identify ideal properties that match their objectives, conduct research and necessary due diligence, set an investment budget and bid strategically on targeted properties, and decide whether to flip or rent properties post-auction.

“Xome Auction Simulator is designed to give homebuyers, whether new investors or knowledgeable homeowners, a realistic opportunity to experience and better understand how to buy real estate online,” said Mike Rawls, CEO at Xome. “Creating this game is a great example of the type of innovations Xome is bringing to the market, and we are excited to launch this tool as a way to educate buyers as they consider making smart real estate investments in a digital environment.”

The game was unveiled yesterday at the BiggerPockets Conference (BPCON2023) in Orlando and is now online at