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Homebuyers these days are one stressed-out group, and they have plenty of questions.

They want to know how high mortgage rates will rise. How to win insane bidding wars. Whether to join the suburban rush or the big-city retreat. Whether the open kitchen, modern farmhouse, and “cottagecore” designs are still a thing. But amid all the confusion and consternation, there’s one universal question that most consistently bubbles up from the murk:

Just how much home can I really get for my money?

And more than ever, the answer is this: It all depends on where in the country you’re looking.

Because here’s an eye-opener: The median list price of a home in the United States was $375,000 in December, according to the latest data from®. While that price might sound like an absolute fortune in some parts of the U.S., it won’t get buyers much more than a walk-in closet-sized home in pricey places like California’s Silicon Valley or New York’s Westchester County.

That’s why the data team researched just how much square footage $375,000 will net buyers across America.