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A few weeks back I wrote about the power of using video in your marketing strategy. I hope that I made a compelling case. Today, I want to further this conversation by emphasizing that you need to have a YouTube presence. Why? Here’s why:

Oberlo reports that according to YouTube statistics from DataReportal, the video-sharing platform has 2.5 billion users worldwide as of 2023. It’s ranked as the second-most popular social network, and the only platform that has more users than YouTube is Facebook. It is also just one of four social networks to have a user base of more than 2 billion (the other two being WhatsApp and Instagram).

Jacob Cass, brand and designer and strategist and founder of JUST Creative, an award-winning branding & design consultancy, says, “YouTube is full of call-to-action (CTA) methods that businesses can use to stimulate growth. The most transparent is explicitly stating these CTAs to customers in the content.”

How is this possible practically speaking? “When scripting your video, ask yourself: What do I want my customers to do? Then state or ask for it directly! Do you want them to subscribe to your channel? Include a line that says, ‘Please like, share, and subscribe to our channel!’ Do you want viewers to visit your site to see a product line? Include an audio CTA with details and include a link within the video and in the description section,” advises Cass.

You can also add CTA via button links in your videos. The point is, there are a lot of tricks that you can employ to get the person watching your video to go to your website or call you up to transact business with you. This platform allows you to reach billions in your own voice and hopefully convince them to work with you.

Also, it is important to consider that YouTube can help you establish your brand as a trusted source and diversify your marketing reach. “YouTube is an excellent platform for building authority and credibility. Viewers will quickly determine whether you’re authentic, and they’ll continue to watch your videos if you demonstrate effort and produce quality content,” points out Ron Stefanski, an online entrepreneur, and an adjunct marketing professor at multiple universities.

Also, the old saying that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the same basket applies. You can’t market on any one platform and expect immediate results, you need to market everywhere, which is further rational for being on YouTube.

“Diversification is crucial for marketers ― and YouTube can help. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, you must focus on multiple marketing channels to tailor your messages and reach the largest possible audience across different platforms,” Stefanski continued. “As the world’s second-biggest search engine, YouTube can help grab your target audience’s attention and create an emotional connection with users.”

So, after you’ve created those great videos that really make you shine, post them on YouTube to grow your business.