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Looking back at everything that enabled me to successfully scale up to a half-billion-dollar real estate portfolio, one factor stands head and shoulders above the others. This is a relentless focus on investor confidence — confidence in my team’s abilities, trustworthiness and relationships. It was a journey of rapid learning, but ensuring that investors were given the attention they deserved (and that I myself would expect as an investor) was always the goal that drove action.

Essential Knowledge

The journey began with the realization that knowledge of the multifamily investment market was essential — and not just superficial knowledge, but drilled down to the core. It was important to become a subject matter expert (SME) to increase investor confidence. To achieve this goal, I read many relevant articles and attended several workshops and forums that delved into investment opportunities, financing, market growth, key neighborhood drivers and many more subjects. I also invested a lot of time in networking with experts and other professionals in this field.