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When I was temporarily furloughed due to the pandemic during the summer of 2020, I couldn’t sit still. I had all this time to fill, so I decided to take what felt like a setback and use it as an opportunity to learn about ways to earn passive income

I had a couple of false starts, signing up to participate in online and phone surveys and looking into doing voice-over work for audiobooks. Then I read about people making thousands of dollars a month blogging.  I was intrigued but didn’t think I had anything to write about.

It wasn’t until I asked myself, “What is it that I get excited about when talking to a friend?” that I realized the answer was real estate investing. My wife and I are firm believers in the power of real estate and how it can help people build wealth. We’ve been investors since 2019 and own three investment properties in our local market.

We realized we wanted to use what we had learned to create a site to help other parents build wealth for the next generation, while enjoying every moment in between. In July 2020, my wife and I launched Parent Portfolio.

The first six months were tough. I was taking classes about how to launch a blog. I woke up early and worked late. But I still wasn’t getting much traction. Around this time, I joined a group of bloggers called The Money Mix, and being a part of this community helped me figure out a process that worked for me.

Today, I have a side hustle that is on track to bring in six figures. Here is my best advice for getting started.