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Technology is great and the internet, along with eCommerce sites, has brought the world together in a global marketplace.

Trust me, with the holidays approaching, I feel like I might as well offer the Amazon, U.S. Postal Service, UPS or FedEx drivers a room in our home they are here so often. But not everything translates well to an online sales environment.

Some things, you just have to see for yourself. They have to feel like they are yours and when it comes to highly involved purchase decisions, like, oh say, buying a home, there is no online experience that can replace what a Realtor offers you in person. Think I’m wrong?

Zillow, arguably one of the world’s largest digital real estate companies, announced earlier this month it is closing its doors to its home-buying division. The company that showcases homes and allows you to compare, contrast and even contact agents to set up appointments, tried to convert to an actual brokerage and, in three years, called the movers and packed up.